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Distributed Intelligence for Cost-Effective and Reliable Distribution Network Operation (DISCERN)
Date du début: 1 févr. 2013, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

As the patterns of power generation and distribution are rapidly changing in Europe towards a highly dispersed and volatile system, Distribution System Operators need to completely change traditional ways of grid operations. Currently developed solutions to increase the intelligence of medium and low voltage grids to cope with this task are often highly specialized, non-replicable and therefore not cost-effective.It is therefore the aim of this project to assess the optimal level of intelligence in the distribution network and to determine the replicable technological options that will allow a cost-effective and reliable enhancement of observability and controllability of the future distribution networks in Europe. DISCERN will build on five demonstration projects operated by major European DSOs. The involved demonstration sites unite a variety of technological approaches addressing different challenges. They hereby constitute the main resource of DISCERN. In addition, DISCERN will liaise with other EEGI smart grid innovation projects in Europe in a series of workshops and leverage on their results. Hence, DISCERN will become part of the EEGI family of projects.Based on comparative assessment, guided by a set of Key Performance Indicators, of technological options, solutions and operational processes, the project will define recommendations on replicable solutions. Moreover, DISCERN will demonstrate innovative solutions in field tests and simulations.As a result, DISCERN will enable DSOs to more rationally manage their networks and to plan their extension thereby facilitating the large scale introduction of renewable generation necessary for the transformation of the energy system.To achieve its objective, DISCERN builds on a strong European consortium which includes five DSOs, technology providers, research institutes and universities as well as a technical consultancy.



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