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Displacement Synthetic Aperture Antenna Advanced Technology Demonstrator (DISAP)
Date du début: 16 janv. 2012, Date de fin: 15 déc. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The DISAP project is dedicated to investigate, implement and test an advanced technology receiver concept called ‘synthetic aperture GNSS antennas’ for mitigating multipath and interference for reference stations.Objectives:The advanced receiver technology project DISAP targets the RTD areas (a) multipath mitigation, complex/innovative signal processing techniques and (b) multi-antenna and other anti-jamming techniques of the FP7 topic Galileo.2011.3.1-1. Its objectives are:• Consolidate the concept of synthetic aperture GNSS antennas• Design two different approaches to synthetic aperture GNSS reference station operation and build them as technology demonstrator• Perform detailed electromagnetic propagation simulations to optimize the synthetic gain pattern• Develop a real-time synthetic aperture module based on the IFEN SX-NSR GNSS multi-frequency software receiver• Test the technology demonstrators and the receiver with dedicated multipath reflectors and in their typical operating environments; compare the system to current state-of-art GNSS receivers/antennas• Disseminate the RINEX data and results in the IGS and EUREF communityThe objective shall be achieved by a highly qualified consortium with experts in: antenna simulation, receiver technology and GNSS reference networks"



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