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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our informal group of MVA is an active group in youth work. We decided to ask for a grant for the project aimed to entrepreneurship. Our objectives are like increase unempleyment, motivate young people to participate and to be active, show to unempleyed people entrepreneurship as good way, to improve communication skills of youth, eliminate language barriers, create international relationships between young people. We are preparing project with 4 partner organizations - Poľko, Chorvátsko, Estónsko and Litva. We want to organize one main activity with number of 25 participants (5 participants per 1 organization). Target group - participants with lack of information about entrepreneurship, young people, students, unempleyed people. Participants will be in age 18 - 25 years old. The main activity will take place in Zvolen during 7 working days and 1 day for arriving of participants. The main activity will be composed of nonformal activities aimed to introduce participants with information about entrepreneurship, comparing the forms of business in countries of partners organization, improving of communication skills and presentation skills, gaining new information about modern technologies which are used in business, time for participants to be creative, thinking about their own plan to start business, think how to manage the company. We will use nonformal methods of activites as icebreakers, lectures, discussion, work in group, brainstorming, simulation, case studies. All partner organizations help us with preparation and with writing the application and they will help with realization of project, preparation of participants and with spreading of results from project. The impact after project will be for participants in motivation - they will be motivated and able to set up their own bussines and increase unemployement in their town or region. Then they will be able communicate on higher level, they will have improved language skills. They will know forms of business, vocabulary in this field. They will create new international contacts and they will be able to work in a group and to get on with people. The long-term impact we see in higher employement and actions of participants, then impact for the town of Zvolen - we will cooparate with town council. The impact for our accomodation - participants will create annual strategic plan to improve economic situation and higher interest in that hotel and then they will present their opinions to director of hotel. The long-term is also in long-term cooperation between partner organizations in case, this project will be succesful.



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