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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Österreichische Kinderfreunde would like to host Mariana Luchyk from Ukraine from 01.11.2015 until 31.10.2016 for 12 months. Mariana will support the hosting organisation at the project KECK, which means mobile playground animation. They drive the playbus to different playgrounds and play together with children of the neighbourhood, many of them have migrant background. ICNM would like to host Wioletta Moniak from Poland from 01.09.2015 until 31.08.2016 for 12 months. Wioletta will support ICNM at the World Summit Award. The WSAs want to motivate people and start-ups to produce socially-valuable digital projects that address the goals defined by the United Nation’s World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). It aims to demonstrate their potential to create innovative solutions with digital and mobile technology on a worldwide level. Insel/Haus der Jugend would like to host Romina Naydenova from Belgium and Ana Lomba Martinez from Spain from 01.09.2015 until 30.06.2016 for 10 months. The volunteers assist with serving the meals at lunchtime, supporting children with learning and doing homeworks and offering playing programs (Creative, sports, leisure). Both volunteers have opportunitiy to bring in their own interests and decide on their own if they prefer playing with the younger or the older children or if the prefer doing handicrafts, sports, and so on. Youthcenter Oberndorf would like to host Varduhi Gumruyan from Armenia from 01.09.2015 until 30.06.2016 for 10 months. Varduhi will support the team of the youthcenter. With a mix of acitvities the youth center tries to support participation within the community of Oberndorf to improve integrations status and to give shelter and backup when necessary. Further it wants to support useful leasure time activities such as sport activities, excursions, creative activities, concerts, workshops and discussions, intercultural learning, homework activities, job coaching, movie times etc. Even though the topics of these EVS projects are different (media, children and youth), the objectives are the same. By hosting European volunteers we would like to develop solidarity and to fasciliate understanding and tolerance. The experience of an EVS will influence not only the volunteers themselves but also the staff in the hosting organisations and the people (children, youth, other clients) they work with, but also their family and friends. The volunteers who are doing their EVS in Salzburg are mainly together with up to twelve other volunteers from different European countries and Europan partner countries. Mostly they do also meet once a month at akzente at our so-called „EVS breakfast“ or at freetime activities. As they meet each other regulary they can spend time with each other, talk to each other, and like this identify common values with other young people from different countries in spite of their cultural differences. Also in the projects themselves the volunteers have the possibility to get to know people form other countries – Austrians as well as people from other parts of the world. Because of this the volunteers are also stimulated to reflect on the essential characteristics of European society. As all of them have the possibilities to start own projects within the host organizations they also learn to be creative and active and understand that they play an active role - in their projects, in their communities and in society. As all of the host organizations are open minded and eager to host a volunteer from another European country they do not only discover Europe but also aim to build a common Europe.



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