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Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project was conceived to build long-lasting international relations, create strong and reliable partnership through Europe. Cooperating with many partners from various countries is the core issue as well as synergy. The new insight from foreign perspective helped specially host organization to improve and flourish, to get more contacts, connections and become more recognized abroad. Participants gained various skills, knowledge and experience important for Their future employment as well as personal life and self-confidence. They have found employment more easily after finishing Their European mission. Main Domain of the work of host organizations is art, culture and projects, events, festivals, workshops related to That field. We are focused on design, photography, theater, music, performances, Relevant education, support of young creative entrepreneurs. We also care about social development and personal Involvement in activities for society. Spreading pro-active attitude and mobility is one of effects of our actions. Our project consisted of long-term EVS 10 months, from January 15th to November 15th 2015. We had 12 parties Involved - 4 hosting Organizations, they Coordinating organization, 7 sending Organizations. We hosted 8 Volunteers from various European countries. Their profiles matched with a domain of work, type of tasks in hosting organization. In general, there is a difference between promotional activities, partnership development, building new international contacts' base and organizational work, management, logistics for projects, events, workshops. In Factory of Art and Particular profiles you to be helpful to ACCOMPLISH all missions. Tasks implied documentation of events, managing photographic and filming equipment and software. It was convenient for all that the participant had primal skills and practice in That domain. Marta Alemany who was a Volunteer in this organization has made varoius of photo and video relations from Factory's Events. She has also created intervies, promotional videos and all of her work is available in Social Media of Factory's Projects. Marta is curentlly working in Marketing Agency in Spain. We were in constant contact with all partners to supervise the project development. In the place of work of hosing organization were organized follow-up meetings once per week to revise current situation and revise aims, estimate progress. Durring our work we had use notepad, charts, work timetables prepared and managed by hosting Coordinating Organizations as well as by Volunteers. We met face-to-face for Those discussions and with partners abroad - we used Skype live conferences. Thanks to the project, the partnerships were developed on local, regional, national and international level. Those Institutions and Their public, local volunteers also learned about our Organizations, and this international activity. This project allowed us to create everyday international atmosphere in daily workplace of about 60 polish citizens. Europe received network of partners linked to this project. Each partner spreaded the project amongst it's partners and public Which had create a web of connections, a platform of exchanging knowledge, experiences, contacts. It linked various Organizations and people caring about development of art, culture, society, European good relations and partnerships.Morover, cultural offer of partners becomed more recognized abroad, on international level (for. Chorea organization had expend Their pertners relation with french speaking part of Europe, also due to the work of the Cathrine Petit, a volunteer from Belgium- Chorea has now it's working website in French). It is important step forward for each party. This project contributed to training and receiving more qualified professionas managing cultural and artistic Organizations.



11 Participants partenaires