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Disaster Management in East Marmara

East Marmara is on a region that may come up against different types of catastrophes like earthquakes, dangerous material spoil to TEM, terrosit attacks to strategic intitutions like TÜPRAŞ; TÜBİTAK, great traffic accidents... In this project we will try to collect the data on our region and decrease the dublication in the facilities of different institutions. We need to asses the training requirements of the insititutions.Comparing the best practices in the EU we will try to use these applications in the East Marmara region. Our partners will see the potential gaps in their facities. Our partners will be from different cities with different characteristics. So this project will help to act together immediately together.In this project we will display a regional structere that will be an example to other regions in Turkey. In this project the demand for first responders (FR) will be assessed. The organizational and institutional background of the various first responder communities in the East Marmara region and the consequences for the needs for disaster management is assessed. Also the current status and training curricula of disaster management in East Marmara will be assessed and the best practices in EU member countries will be practioned. A standart curriculum for a standardized security centered training course or FR disaster management in the East Marmara region will be developed. FR will be able to manage the aftermath of a catastrophic event in a safe and efficient manner. Current response capability of FR will be strengthened for a severe industrial accident. Resource planning of FR for a catastrophic event will be planned.



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