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Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Under the framework of our project activity meeting in the end of the work organised in Ankara on 16-21 January 2015 with the participation of 48-1(Italy-VERGARA of participants / CLAUDIO- Although we did not get the air ticket)=47 people (half of the group was disabled), including participants from Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Poland and Turkey and expert, speaker, facilitator and support personnel, determination of state of play and trainings were realised related to the current implementations on the accession of the disabled to the health service in the partner countries. To this end, by developing an empathy of the non-disabled participants towards the problems which the disabled participants face in accession to hospitals, the participants personally experienced the awareness for disability and disabled accession to hospitals, drama plays improving sincere wills, energizing games, group work tailored for non-formal learning technics were realized for the aim of transferring this awareness to the social life. Our Project brought together 47 participants, nearly half of them disabled, coming from different social groups, via accession to technology, visual and audio perception, psychodrama games, simulation techniques and other similar activities, by organising a training course on the theme of disabled accession to hospitals, by creating an empathy to enable the non-disabled individuals to understand the disabled individuals to contribute their perceptions in the environment of the Project. As a result, an inventory was established of the problems which the disabled participants face in accession to hospitals and the precautions facilitating their accession. To this end, video recording was made of a simulative drama of a disabled individual trying to access a hospital and uploaded in the website and submitted as a CD attached to the report ( A live radio programme was released related to the problems the disabled face in accession to hospitals and this radio broadcast was loaded on the website and submitted as a CD attached to the report ( An awareness was created on the problems the disabled individuals face in accession to hospitals and the precautions to facilitate their accession, through the training provided under the Project, both in international and domestic level the possibility of leading towards a higher quality and standard in youth Project implementations was reached among the participant young people. With the musical and entertainment activities, creative and active participation, all young people were encouraged to to develop conceptual designs in order to acquire an environmental and natural sensitivity in the social service concept with universal civil involvement and equal and motivated approaches.



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