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Direct Nanosecond and Nanometer Scale Investigations of Nucleation and Growth Phenomena (NanoSwitchingDynamic)
Date du début: 4 avr. 2014, Date de fin: 3 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This Marie Curie IIF proposal applies novel high speed Scanning Probe Microscopy to monitor nanoscale dynamics in order to investigate fundamental materials science challenges impacting a promising class of future data storage materials.The proposal builds on 13 years in academia, national labs, and European research labs (Oxford, EPFL, Aarhus) since earning a PhD. Huey has since raised >$5M for team projects with $2.6M for his lab, published >40 papers, collaborated with scientists from 8 distinct countries, and co-organized several international conference symposia, evidencing substantial expertise, a strong international network, and significant future potential.The iNANO institute, Aarhus University, Denmark, is an ideal host for this proposal due to the complementary yet distinct strengths. There is already an excellent SPM effort featuring an ERC-advanced group (Besenbacher) with expertise in catalysis, molecular adsorption, and protein imaging. Therefore, the proposed efforts focused on materials science, instead of physics or molecular biology as are already established, will greatly contribute to the depth and breadth of knowledge, research opportunities, industrial applicability, international connections, and experimental capabilities at this unique site in Denmark and indeed Europe.Knowledge transfer will be based on publications and presentations, teaching, a weekly SPM discussion group, and international conference organization. In addition, a novel outreach program on nanoscience and art will annually promote science and engineering to youth.Notably, this proposal was developed during a visiting professorship to Aarhus while on sabbatical from the US. Plans and expectations are thus well understood by Huey and the institution, which when combined with the substantial administrative and technical support available to the candidate and his family, will enable rapid integration and success for the proposed research and knowledge transfer.