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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project SOCIOCULTURAL DINAMIZATION ON LOCAL LEVEL aims to be a volunteer project, where on one side the rural environment is invigorated, helping the sociocultural integration of our neighbors, trying to reach a higher level of opportunities, and on the other side it is a training for all the participants in order to acquire knowledge in the socio-educational field. It focuses on the contact with the local community, especially children and youngsters, the activities which are going to be carried out, would be useful to promote the European programs, the volunteers´ cultures and our own, thus forming a project which promotes highly the active participation, the European values and the European cultural diversity. It also promotes values such as the equal opportunity, rural development and intercultural awareness. With this project we want to increase the participation of the young people in the civic life of the society in which they live, to increase their participation in the system of representative democracy and to support their participation. The requested number of volunteers is one. We can say that the profile of the volunteers is young people with initiative and with desire to do a project like ours, participative, active... this does not obstruct the participation of young people with fewer opportunities, economic problems, educational difficulties, cultural differences... The proposed activities have social and educational nature, where the volunteer will enrich the project on both personal and community levels. These activities emphasize the high degree of involvement of volunteer as he/she will be in daily contact with the population. The activities also bring many opportunities for learning to the volunteer and are designed to form useful skills which will be of importance to the volunteer in the future. The methodology used to carry out the project is based on the active, non-formal education, training, creativity, and overall promotion of good practice. On the final evaluation the volunteers will assess whether the methodology was appropriate for the project. Today more than ever it is important to encourage the exchange of good practices, multilingualism, cultural diversity, equal opportunities, these are some of the expected results which contribute to the creation of a more active society raising the European public awareness. We are convinced that the project would have an important impact on our society as one of its main objectives is to transform the mentality of the population, because the presence of young people from other countries opens that mentality. Such projects arouse the curiosity of the young people about the European programs and promote the interest and the enthusiasm for this type of program. One of the benefits is the visibility in our community, because after years of participation in European programs there are already many young people who have taken part in several actions, these young people are the multiplier effect as they extend their experiences and the constantly increasing number of young people who require information on this kind of programs.



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