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Dijital Ayak İzleri
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Humanity has endeavoured to reach information since its existence, but never got satisfied with what it has obtained and always wanted to get more by continuing to question. In today’s world, where the need for information is gradually increasing, it is important for people not only to reach information, but also to reach it any time they want in the fastest way. In this regard, the advancements in ICT have brought a lot of opportunities in the field of education as in many other fields and revealed the need for changing existing structure and approaches. To use ICT based tools, methods and materials is a must not only in terms of improving education with the help of technology but also in terms of raising people of the digital era. The reason why the project is designed for our school personnel is that the teachers experience difficulty in using ICT based tools, methods and materials. The teachers’ and administrative personnel’s lack of knowledge in ICT based techniques and designs is one of the factors that hinder the efficient use of ICT tools and materials. Also, it has been realized that even if the teachers have enough knowledge on ICT based teaching methods; they have trouble relating their knowledge to the skills in field teaching. Today, the conventional test methods used in the evaluation of student behaviour such as multiple-choice, short answer, true-false, matching, and filling the blanks questions etc. fail to measure and evaluate high level mental processes such as reading comprehension, problem solving, analytical thinking, building empathy, critical thinking, doing research and making decisions. In conventional education, students receive teacher centred instruction, which is time dependent and happens in a restricted area. The learning process depends on the teacher’s ability to teach, his or her level of knowledge and skill, and the student’s learning rate. It is generally not possible to benefit from learning tools and materials adequately in a sufficient period of time. Realizing the fact that conventional teaching methods fail to qualify students, our school feels the need of enhancing the quality of education using information and communication technology. In order to enhance our organisational capacity with regard to the shortages mentioned, our target is ‘Integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into Pedagogical Training’. In an attempt to achieve this objective, 18 teachers and 2 administrators will attend to course activities on ‘Development of ICT Based Learning Materials’, ‘Integration of ICT into the assessment and evaluation methods’, and ‘Development of Web-Based Learning Practices’. The participants will gain competence and proficiency in the following areas using ICT; providing a basis for virtual learning environment, making teaching materials accessible all the time, enabling the constant repetition of learning content, developing audiovisual materials that are easy to understand, updating teaching data, giving students online support, collecting, analysing and interpreting data to assess and evaluate students’ level of learning. Our school administrators will gain competence and proficiency in such issues as data organization and storage, facilitating the access to e-libraries and database, providing parents with detailed e-report card to give information of the students’ success. Our long term expectations are by integrating ICT into our teaching process, achieving versatile and efficient learning and reaching the quality of a leading school that supports its students by using ICT facilities both in and outside of classroom.