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Digitally Literate Teachers on Networks
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project idea, its methodology, dissemination and sustainability/valorisation strategy have been designed to align with the general priorities of the new Erasmus + Program. Within this project the consortium will enhance the quality of education by training teachers in-service in the important field of digital literacy, that is now considered a weak point in the in service training systems of our partner countries. So our target group it is formed by primary, secondary and high school teacher, coadiuvated by school managers and decision takers. Additionally, the project results and outcomes, especially the model of in-service training that we plan to create, will contribute to support continuous training of teachers and trainers. In practical term we will create: 1 A model of in-service training - ( starting from a previous outcome of a Comenius Regio project ). The model will be adapted to local contexts and once finished will be the base for the further outcomes of the project. 2 A manual on teacher training in digital literacy - that encompasses all the modules already produced and tested with teachers in each partner country. The testing of the modules will be done contextually with their optimization in each partner country, thanks to real in-service training courses that will serve both as test both to improve the quality of the modules themselves. Cooperation and exchange of good practice in a considerable range of areas related to teachers’ in-service training will be established. Thus the project makes a contribution to the adaptation of teaching and learning to a rapidly changing world, supporting new forms of teacher training. Appropriate quality assurance accompanies the process of the development of the envisaged project outcomes. Examples of good practice will likewise be shared. Reflection on well-being in the school will be thus engaged. A framework will be established to improve key competences in teachers in-service. Their digital competence will be increased considerably and their collaborative competences will be extended with regard to their learners, their families and the outside world. As the training focuses on ICT-based contents rather than the operation of technology alone, cultural awareness and expression of the target group will be fostered. Communication will be a core element of the project outcome, the training modules, referring to communicative ICT-based competences as well as communication between various entities of society and teachers as well as their administration. Communication will be realised and enhanced in participants’ mother tongues and in English as the working language of the project. Didactic elements of learning to learn will be incorporated in the test phase with the pilot material. The target group we want to reach is formed by at least 500 people considering all the partners. These individuals will act as multiplier as they will embody the spirit of the project and its innovation. Taking in consideration the robust dissemination and exploitation plan, the final number of reached and interested people will be much higher. All of these aspects of the project reflect EU and national priorities for improvements in the education sector, and the priorities identified in the progress towards Europe 2020 by all member states.



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