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DigitALL Stories-Learning For Everyone
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The rapid change in technology has led to radical changes in every aspects of life. This change has also had a reflection on educational environments. With smartboards, mobile applications have entered into both teachers’ and students’ lives. At this point, the need to apply educative designs and new technologies considering pedagogical principles that are appropriate for the purposes. The use of technology that is not theorical and professional and not including the students in the process interactively causes setback in writing skills, decline in reading and oral expression skills, lack of concentration , isolation from people and estrangement. There is a need to apply educative designs and new technologies considering pedagogical principles that are appropriate for their purposes. The aim of our project is to improve the abilities of our participants about digital storytelling which is one of the educational means that can be used for making students gain communication,research and collaborative studying skills in every stage of education and in every lesson. In addition, we aim to increase the effect of technological applications in education and help students gain 21st century skills. With this project,participants will beable to know different cultures and improve their language skills. Another aim of the project is to help teachers and students to reach lesson contents everywhere they want by creating a Digital Storytelling Platform. The project is for 21 people, 20 teachers and 1 manager working at Kadri Şaman Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School in Toroslar,Mersin. Our project will begin on 01.06.2016 and last 12 months. It includes two training courses in Spain and Czech Republic and a job shadowing in Germany. Our participants will be chosen by the Project Team who will prepare the activities and do all the work necessary for the activities to result without any problems. During the activities, our participants will learn how to adapt innovative methods into classroom environments and have the opportunity to observe the proficiency and experiences of the teachers who use these applications. In addition, they will see how those teachers cope with the processes of reduction in social skills, being unsocial and estrangement as a result of the inclusion of technology in classroom applications. The activities of observing our project and participants will be carried out collaboratively with our partners. Comprehensive dissemination and visibility activities will be held in order to share the results of our project with all the related local and national people and institutions. With the project, the participants will get new information about effective using methods of digital storytelling which is one of the techniques helping students gain 21th century skills creating a collaborative learning environment, allowing them to participate in learning environments actively and increasing the effectiveness of technological applications. They will have a training about preparing contents for digital storytelling platform. They will use their experiences which they will get with the observations and applications during the project in a more effective usage of technological substructure taht was made with great investments. The motivation and interest of our students about lessons will increase and permanent learning will be realized.Thus, the success of our students will increase both at school and in exams at national level. Our students will have the chance to develop their 21st century skills. Our school will be a model for other educational institutions and decision-making authorities by being a school supporting and applying student based strategies and collaborative project based teaching and learning environments with digital storytelling and hardware, network infrastructure, access and similar technic infrastructures most effectively.



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