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Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project will focus on young peoples’ interest in improving their competences for a creative work with digital devices that will open new perspectives and most importantly, increase the employability of youth. Main aims of our project are: to discuss the importance and usage of new technologies and ICT nowadays; to research during the exchange and share most exciting and useful new technologies in the World of the last few years; to develop skills of participants working with several digital devices and programs, such as, personal computers, digital photo and video cameras, voice recorders, video, photo and sound altering programs; to develop skills of participants in documentation of activities with a help of modern technology (that might be useful in their lives for documentation of activities in their schools, with friends, at work, youth clubs, etc. ); to promote intercultural learning, intercultural diversity, cross cultural collaboration, tolerance and understanding among participants of the project.In this transnational youth exchange project we plan to involve 30 participants from Greece, Romania, Spain, Latvia and Estonia, aged 16-25 with a possibility with very few older participants; they would be coming from various backgrounds, many of them being in a situation of unemployment or a seek to increase their digital skills.Main activities and working methods are going to be: games, structured discussions, sharing experiences and thoughts, group works, creation of presentations with talking, writing or drawing, leading interactive presentations, team work, documentation of activities (will include sharing tasks, discussions, taking of photos, videos, recording voice and graphic drawing, observation, work with altering programmes on computers, presentations, preparation of an exhibition, sharing ideas and results technical learning and support from facilitators to participants), use of internet, watching of movies and discussing them, improvisation of sketches, sightseeing, printing of photos, preparation of posters and logo of the project (sharing ideas, writing, drawing, designing), preparation and setting of an exhibition, evaluations and dissemination activities. We expect participants to learn about and to be interested in non-formal learning activities and also in opportunities for youth offered by Erasmus+ programme, to gain positive awareness about other cultures, to acquire many competences (practical skills and attitudes) that might be helpful for their professional and personal life. We plan that participating organizations to gain experience, create partnerships for the future under similar project ideas, to promote creativity among young people. We expect young people of EU get access to information about this project, results of this project, digital and real life exhibitions of practical result of the project, to gain information about Erasmus+ opportunities for youth. We expect our target groups to get motivated to participate in Erasmus+ offered projects, to get more professionally interested in learning about ICT, modern technology and improving their digital skills, become interested to learn about creative documentation of activities with help of digital devices, to become more employable and increase their intercultural awareness.



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