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Digital Youth
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Digital media are omnipresent in today’s society and offer many opportunities, but also present challenges for the so-called diginatives but also for anyone who works and lives with them. The Apestaartjaren research (2006 - ...) already is a well-known research about how Flemish youngsters use digital media and is used by many Flemish youth workers and teachers to improve their teaching and working methods and their interactions with youngsters. Now want to organise an international seminar, in which we want to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience between youth workers from all over Europe in order to empower youngsters in the digital age. All partner organisations will be involved in the preparation of the seminar and will actively participate in all activities. They will also provide content and experts for the seminar’s workshops and activities. Thus, the countries involved will be Belgium, Romania, Finland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The project consists of one main activity, being a six day seminar in Leuven. This seminar starts on Sunday evening May 8th 2016 and ends on Saturday afternoon May 14th 2016. The 20+ participants from 5 different countries will stay at the Blauwput Youth Hostel in Leuven, where most of the workshops and sessions will be held. There will be several exchange activities during this seminar in which the partipants will share knowledge and good practices and map opportunities, challenges, needs and goals for youth workers regarding digital media and youngsters. During Expert Workshops, the participants will learn more about how to set up digital projects, younsters and media literacy and how to make media with youngsters. Also we will meet and exchange with local youth workers in Leuven On Tuesday an excursion to Brussels will be organised. On Thursday and Friday the participants will attend the Apestaartjaren conference at the Provinciehuis also in Leuven. The working methods will be very diverse: keynotes, exchange sessions, visits, workshops etc. And by using the YouthPass instrument, we will be able to prepare, monitor and evaluate the learning goals of the participants individually and as a group. The goal of the seminar is to help and stimulate the participants to use their new insights and working methods in their interactions with youngsters, showing them new ways to use digital media and benefit from the opportunities they provide. After the seminar, we will provide the results in a seminar report, including the 10 goals set by the participants and the achievements, the good practices shared by and with the participants and the insights collected in the expert workshops. This report will also include the researches and presentations of the conference. We hope this seminar will inspire the partner organisations to continue this international collaboration in the next few years.



5 Participants partenaires