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Digital Ecosystem for E-Participation linking Youth
Date du début: 1 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The overall aim of the DEEP-linking Youth project is to test a digital ecosystem for youth engagement by bridging technology (digital entry points) and young citizens (collaboration of a large number of people) for a common task with the aim of providing quality inputs for decision-making in view of producing a sustainable impact. The approach used by the project team is based on the assumption that in order to improve and scale up youth engagement in e-participation, the system should be designed in such a way as to “bring” decision-makers to the everyday “digital environment” where young people share, exchange and collaborate and not the other way around. The system will be piloted on the topic of “learning mobility” of young people in the EU. The project will use an innovative approach in order to touch on the experience gained by mobile young people and their insights of what works well and which are the areas where further improvement is needed. During the monitoring phase where we record the reactions from engagement with the digital content we will code and summarize the qualitative feedback data. This summary will be fed-forward to the relevant decision makers through dash boards and will equip them with knowledge, understanding and arguments to improve the regulatory framework and practices through both policy and enforcement tools (e.g. input to Europe 2020 Strategy and its flagship initiatives, Erasmus+ programme after 2020 etc.). Such improvements will lead to an increased number of learning movers which in its own turn will have a positive effect on young people employment prospects and professional realization.The long-term impact of using well designed digital ecosystem could be a changed concept of EU citizenship – from duty based to engaged citizenship – removing potential barriers to participation and transforming the relationship between EU citizens and decision-makers into more of a partnership.



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