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Digitaalinen pelitoiminnan hanke nuorisokeskus Mondella v 2016
Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth Services, City of Rovaniemi and Rovaniemi City Library, Youngsters Department are developing new project for the digitally gaming in Rovaniemi. We want to organize a new, innovative project which will also be a new project that is collaborative project with library and youthservices. We are developing international gaming activities (between Finnish and Polish youngsters) for the youngsters at gaming house. Voluntary will be working at youthcenter Monde, digitally gaming house Montendo, and Youngsters Library. At gaming house Montendo there will be 10 modern computers that youngters can play. At gaming house there will be different kinds of activities organized where the gaming is a tool for the activities: such as open gaming house, lans, group activities. Voluntary will create international co-operation between youngsters from Rovaniemi and Polish yougsters. We want to offer our voluntary a voluntary working place, where to learn lots of new things: (ICT - new technologies - digital competences, digitally gaming culture, Youth work and library work, International co-operation) Throw out this project we want to offer our voluntary international experiences, but we also think that our new voluntary would have an effect to our local youngsters, at youthcenter and at library.This project is completely new project in Finland, which we are developing at youthwork field. We think, that the throw out this project, not only us, and voluntary, also Verke (National Development Centre for Online Youth Work) would benefit from this. We want to share our experience, results and impact to localy, national and international level.



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