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Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project Background: The Camphill Association Le Béal has been welcoming volunteers for 38 years. Le Béal offers them an experience of life sharing with people with disabilities. Over the years, through their new and creative outlook, the volunteers have co-constructed the project of Le Béal.Profile of participants: We will recruit 5 volunteers who expressed their motivation for sharing life with people with disabilities and for living in a rural area. Description of the activities:The principal mission given to volunteers is to share the lives of people with disabilities (residents). Alongside these, the volunteers contribute, via the larger purpose of the institution, to the protection of the environment (workshops related to organic farming) and to the development of activities in the cultural and artistic realm as well as sports.Methodology for conducting the project / support:Each volunteer is part of a team of four employees (educators) and a second volunteer. Volunteers participate in regular activities in the workshops (garden, farm, herb workshop, cooking), alongside the workshop master, residents and other volunteers. They are always under the responsibility of an employee.Each volunteer is accompanied by a tutor with whom he meets twice a month for one hour. It is a privileged moment that aims to provide an update of the volunteer’s situation in relation to his mission and his future projects.For at least one month (longer if necessary) the volunteers benefit from enhanced support a weekly one hour meeting with the tutor and three hours of group training. The purpose of this introduction is to acquire the necessary expertise to be in relationship with people with disabilities and to discover all aspects of his mission in reference to the French context and the particular context of Le Béal. The volunteers learn as they go along and acquire the skills necessary in the various areas of the project always accompanied by experienced people.Impact for volunteers: The nature of the project promotes the acquisition of:- Skills in the areas of human competences (how to be and how to do); it is mainly human relations that volunteers will create with all the people in the project- Skills in the fields of the different workshops (farm, garden, herb workshop, cooking)Impact for residents and employees of the institution:- Openness to cultural and generational difference. Development of an image of the world beyond their original environment/backgroundImpact for the hosting organisation:- Looking at our work with new eyes, the critical eye of youth



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