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Die Kinder von EUROPIA - Schule-Arbeit-Leben in 100 Jahren
Date du début: 14 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 13 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

„The Children of Europia – School, Work, Life in 100 Years“Thomas Morus wrote his UTOPIA with the idea and meaning of „No-Place“.We want to create a real place, EU-ROPIA ( as in ancient Greek - eu= good + topia= nice place + Europa = EUROPIA), foreseeing a better, a good Europe.The Children of Europe create a land worth living in for the future kids of EUROPIA.In order to be able to handle it we are planning to oversee a timespan of 100 years. Starting from our own nation we take into view today´s Europe and from there we will get to know the other countries on our continent and together we will develop visions, to create a together Europe for all worth living in.Aspects of schoolsystems, apprenticeship, youth-unemployment, leisure-time, solidarity, innovation, natural.sciences, creativity and politics will be dealt with.The participants of the project come from 6 countries all around the continent. With Portugal in the far west, Bulgaria in the far east; Sweden, Danmark and England in the north, Spain, Italy and Greece in the south and Germany and France in the center every part of Europe is included. The different cultural differences can be found in our project, noct seperated, but included. From the 11 schools involved six have Comenius-experiences, five are new in the network : public schools, comprehensive schools, schools for special needs. This mixture will bring productive work, new experiences different but promising new appoaches uniting us. THE CHILDREN OF EUROPIA is set up for secondary school children in all their diversity, from low- to high qualifications.Basic skills like innovative thinking, entrepreneurship, digital life and multi-lingua and participation in society and work-life ...and key skills like stying and holding together, education to become active and alert citizens of Europe, working inclusion and sucessful individual tutoring …… are the higher aims and goals of the project.The idea came to life in a common meeting Germany in February in three days full of creative wirk, where every nation contibuted thoughts, expectations and visions to eventually make it a concrete idea and herewith application.7 MILESTONES are thought up, where we consider, re-think, work-on, visualize and create, finalle exchange upcoming new- or planned old aspects of our work – for every semester one aspect of EUROPIA is in the middle of our attention. Each school prepares national preparing of individual teaching and learning-activities and all this will be brought together in great transnational meetings per halfyear. More elaborate projects, „red threads“, undermine and determine, fulfill the whole three years of our work together : A musical will be created with each country providing one part, a novel will be written together, mathematical tasks will be solved together; video-clips about cooperative teaching-methods will be spread and teaching-games in 10 languages will be shared.The language of the project is German; all results will be published in all mother-tongues. The coordinators of all teams and schools will meet twice in and for transnational basic get-togethers, for a staring together, for a finetuning in between and for workshops and finally towards the end for our backup, the final report and a glance ahead.These five teaching- and learning acitvities are planned for the three year´s span of the project :1. Greece EUROPIA, creativity and music2. Germany – EUROPIA, school and work3.England– EUROPIA, innovation and natural sciences4.. France – EUROPIA, SolidarityThis common project will increase the intercultural competences of students and teachers and the atmosphere, the climate in our schools will improve – there will be concrete influence on our everyday-school-life. Teaching methods will be improving by using cooperative approaches, that are used and evaluated in every mother-tongue.Students and teachers will broaden their horizons with knowledge and experience; solutions will be developed and our environment will be treated more consciously.The vision of a „good school“ in spite and because of all our differences can and will come to life – together we will overcome our fear, our boarders – experiences will be spread, synergetic effects will be visible.THE MOST VALUABLE BROADENED HORIZON WILL BE :EUROPIA, and so Europe, CAN ONLY COME AND WORK OUT TOGETHER



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