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Didaktische Bearbeitung ausgewählter Aachener und Prager Sagen für Vorschul- sowie Grundschulkinder
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

background: A first contact of the Käthe-Kollwitz-Schule (ACKKS)/ Aachen (Germany) and the VOS, SOS and Grammar School Evropska/ Prague (Czech Republic) was established in 2011 on a class trip of German students to Prague. Both schools have a similar profile, the ACKKS/Aachen and VOS, SOS/ Prague lead classes focusing on the education of pre-l and infant school children. The first contact was followed by an intensive mail contact between teachers who met at a preparatory visit in Aachen (March 31st till April 3rd 2014) and mutually chose the project’s topic. Legends are part of every town’s culture and are closely connected to a historical building, its past and present appearance. And, working with fairy tales/ legends is a common topic of pre- and infant school education. Therefore comparing and working with a selection of legends will not only offer the chance to inform about the town/country but also give an insight in its culture. Project aim/goals: With the project the legend culture of Aachen and Prague can be reflected and brought together. Students first gather information about their town and legends and enlarge their own knowledge about legends. As experts they inform their partner student. They acknowledge each town’s legends and history and grow together as an “intercultural team of legend experts” which tries to find out about similarities and differences. In a next step students are asked to use their knowledge and try to work on methods to bring their legends forward to pre- and infant school children. Therefore they adapt their legends for children and work out teaching methods and creative activities which can help pre- and infant school children to understand the legends of Aachen and Prague and arouse their interest in/ tolerance of each town’s cultural background. This second phase of the project will also help to broaden the students’ vocational skills since they go into nursery and infant schools and work with their own legends and didactic material. There will be an exchange of vocational skills. Finally students work on a stage play. They perform their legend/ stage play in Aachen and Prague thus arousing interest in pre- and infant school children but also arousing a public interest in the students’ work. Through this dramatic play they broaden their personal and vocational skills as performing is also part of pre- and infant school education. Participants: 30 students (15/ each school) will take part. They do placements at nursery and infant school and visit classes focusing on child care and education at ACKKS/Aachen and the VOS, SOS/ Prague. The projects will be supported by teachers who teach the subjects German, Czech, English, Social Education, Arts, Music, Stage Play and Information Technology. Description: The project includes different phases of perception of and activities with legends: 1. students deal with their own legends and inform their partners about them, 2. they perceive their partner’s legends, 3. they work with the legends, e.g. they adapt “their” legends for pre- and infant school children and prepare worksheets with creative activities, 4. they work with their didactic material in pre- and infant schools, 5. they chose one legend to transform it into a stage play. Before students begin their project work they form “tandems”, students of each country work in pairs who exchange information via mail, first to get to know each other, later to exchange information about their legends. They translate their legends into German, Czech and English, make up vocabulary lists and glossaries to explain the special legend vocabulary. They inform their partner about the historical building/ place their legend is connected to. After this first exchange students work on their didactic material, they adapt their legends for pre- and infant school children and add work sheets with creative activities which they exchange, discuss and improve. During their first meetings in Aachen and Prague students “test” their worksheets in nursery and infant schools. In the second project year students chose one of their legends to transform it into a stage play which includes that they write a theatre manuscript, exchange it, bring together their concepts and plan their performance (costumes, set…), do rehearsals at their meetings in Aachen and Prague and finally bring “their legend” on stage. Results There will be a handbook with the legends and working sheets, a theatre manuscript, and film documentary of the stage play. There will be various presentations in each school/ country and the worldwide web. Both schools exhibit project results in school but also present the project on their homepage and e-Twinning. The Web presentations and handbook will remain for future students, pre- and infant school children.



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