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Dialogue for Peace, Exchange Program
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context: Based on the facts that the diversity and differences among people is one of the main reasons for misunderstanding, lack of expressions, lack of trust and finally leading to potential conflict, we have decided to organize this exchange. This project is an exchange program for young people from diverse cultural backgrounds from Israel (Arabs and Jews) and The Netherlands. The project aims to create space for young people to meet, to connect with each other and to have a dialogue on real situations of conflicts in their local context. The partners want to contribute to a more peaceful world by mobilizing and engaging young people in meeting each other, telling of- and listening to stories and in using many different narrative tools to avoid separation and to increase mutual understanding, acceptance and respect in order to solve conflicts. Among many other non-formal learning methods, we extensively use storytelling, group discussion, dialogue and peace circle tools to engage people in communication to break the misunderstandings among people who are living in diverse (religious, linguistic, ethnic and cultural/national) communities. These tools are very naturally available and at the same time very crucial and effective to use it to connect with fellow human beings, to understand and respect each other. This helps to connect with similarities among differences than discrimination on the basis of differences. Therefore overall this project plan, activities and methods used are aimed at celebrating diversity, living in unity for peace. With project we aim to achieve the following objectives: 1. To empower young people in intercultural dialogue 2. To encourage and enable young people to use non-formally acquired narrative techniques 3. To create space to meet and celebrate cultural and religious diversity. 4. To encourage and inspire young people to become active citizens in their local areas. In this project participants will learn the following competences: - Awareness and understanding of the others; - Knowledge about working in an intercultural environment; - More confidence and experience in narrative techniques in meeting others and speaking in public; - Developing and stimulating creativity; - Opportunities to engage in international cooperation and creating of an international network; - Experience in joining in international projects Practical details about the project: Duration of project: 3 months all together. Main 7 days are meetings of participants. Venue: School for Peace, Egmond (The Netherlands) Countries: The Netherlands and Israel. Number of participants: 9 per country, 18 in total (16 youth, 2 groupleaders) Activities: * In every partner country a preparatory meeting with selected participants, regarding vision and mission statement of the school and the practicalities of the workshop * 8 day (international) dialogue for peace meeting in The Netherlands; * 1 final presentations of the result of the exchange program; * Presentations in both partner countries for other actors involved in peacemaking and conflict resolutions; * In both partner countries a concluding meeting with participants including feedback and evaluation.



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