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Diaconal Year in Poland 2015/2016
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project "Diaconal Year in Poland 2015 / 2016" is involving volunteers from Germany (2pers.) and Hungary (2 pers.)into structures of charities, being active in minority churches in Poland. Volunteers will have a chance to become a team member and to support works of the diaconian institutions. As the society we must build common understanding and the civil, active society in order to create better world. The bureau of the Polish Diakonia is examining needs of the society as well as is seeking their solutions. It is supporting the needy, ruled out and defavoured, creating projects which they are activating and are integrating people in the local communities. Evangelical Centre of the Diakonia and Education for them. Rev. M. Luter runs schools, in which the development of pupils is leaning among others of disabled persons, aspiring on all rungs of the education to like of the greatest self-reliance of pupils and possibly full including them into the daily living of the school and more late independent functioning in the life. The nursing home of the Church of Christians of Baptists is running "our household" works social in the care of elderly people, ruled out on account of their medical condition. We want to give work opportunities and sciences to volunteers in the other environment (for new culture) so that can gain the access in professionalreality of the work in the education/work of the social/work in the so-called third sector; could develop their personality, abilities on-the-job, to learn the work, the life and the communication in the group, to experience how it is possible to make the society more just and human so that can gain the inspection of some of social issues. During nine months volunteers will get to know different forms of the help to people with the needy, will have a chance to commit oneself to actions and charity projects, will learn also during three planned diakonian seminars about the religious diversity in Poland, about structures and the social work led as part of the social work, they will get to know elements of history and legacies of the Polish culture. With this way finishing the project the volunteer will have an inspection of methods applied in diakonian social work, regional diversity in Poland, will have better understanding Poland as of the country and his culture.


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