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Dezvoltarea de competente relevante pentru piata muncii
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Dolj County is a county where there is a high percentage of unemployment, especially in the Bailesti area, where the rural population has a high share. Technology High School "Stefan Anghel" is the only school with technological profile in the area, more than half of its students come from villages nearer or far. The project "Development of skills relevant to the labor market" is part of the school’s Plan in mobility and European cooperation and aims at the acquisition of 50 students from Technology High School "Stefan Anghel" in Bailesti, new skills and develop their practical skills in the metallic and electrical installations in construction, adapted to the European labor market, to development of language and cultural skills, their ability to adapt to life and work in another cultural context, making them better prepared for an easier transition from school to employment. In the training placement, will participate 25 of students from X class, Mechanical for maintenance and repairs qualification and 25of students from X class, electrical technician qualification, which will be integrated into the structure of the host organizations, Charalambos Michail Metal Works and Petinos Constructions and Developers LTD, Paphos, Cyprus and will perform for 3 weeks, 90 hours of practical training. Mechanical participants will perform practical activities of preparing items for permanent assembling products, assembling removable metal works, work of cleaning, maintenance and repair of machinery, equipment and installations: lubrication, adjustment and replacement of worn components. Participants of the Electrics will decipher the execution plan of lighting installations will install interior and exterior lighting systems in building by applying specific security and PSI rules and will check electrical installations already made . With the new knowledge, extensive professional skills and practical skills of using advanced technologies in dynamic areas and with high demand of workforce in Europe( as that of the metallic and electrical installation in construction), the 50 of participants in the training placement will have a higher chance of getting a job after leaving school . The experience gained by working in a company in Europe, working in a multicultural team, familiarity with European values, the improving linguistic and cultural communication skills, practicing active European citizenship will facilitate their participation on European labor market and their integration in different cultural contexts in Europe. By integrating the theoretical training in the school with practical work based on training in an European company, the project will contribute to the diversification and attractiveness of the educational offer to increase the quality of education and training, to adapt training to the demands of the European labor market, resulting the increasing insertion of school graduates in the labor market.



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