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Dezvoltarea de competente cerute pe piata muncii prin stagii practice europene
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Development of skills required in the labor market through European internships" is part of the school mobility and European cooperation plan and aims at the acquisition, made by 50 of students from the Technical College "Constantin Brancusi" in Craiova, of new knowledge, the development of professional skills and practical skills in tourism and auto mechanics, adapted to the European labor market, the development of language and cultural skills, of their ability to adapt to life and work in another cultural context, which prepare them better for the transition from school to work and to familiarize them with the European labor market. In the project framework, a number of 25of students from the second year professional education level , auto mechanic qualification, will take part in a 3-week placement at partner Marios Auto Clinic Garage LTD, Paphos, Cyprus and will develop specific professional skills, skills of use advanced tehnologies , SDV and modern echipametes for diagnostic, verification and repairing auto. A number of 25 of students of X class, tourism, will participate in a 3-week placement at the Hotel St. George Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus where they will form specific professional skills qualification, adapted to European standards, to market demands in the hotel and tourism services in European countries with a performance tourism. Through the new accumulated knowledge, the professional skills development and practical abilities in dynamic areas with high demand for labor in Europe, such as tourism and auto mechanics, the 50 of participants in the training placement will be more likely to hold a job after finishing the school. Participants will be better prepared for participation in the European labor market and integration in different cultural contexts in Europe, by the experience gained working in a company in Europe, working in a multicultural team, by familiarity with European values, by improved linguistic and cultural communication skills and by practicing active European citizenship. The project vill contribute to the school's objective strategy of internationalization, to the diversification of training ofert through internships organized in partnership with companies in Europe, to increase the quality of education and training and to adapt the training to the demands of the labor market, having as result the increase of graduates’ insertion in the labor market.



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