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Development of the nautical die in the Atlantic Space (NEA)
Date du début: 31 oct. 2004, Date de fin: 30 oct. 2007 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

NEA is a development project for the water sports industry along the Atlantic front involving inter-regional collaboration. The project's action plan involves regional and public authorities and the water sports industry. It aims to create regional networks to develop the water sports industry in the partner regions and an interregional network to promote and encourage regional les actions. It is setting up the following actions:-Creation of regional networks to develop the water sports industry in the partner regions.-An inventory of what is currently available in the partner regions and possible suggestions.-Determining the elements making up a water sports offer common to the whole Atlantic Area and a lead project for each region.-Creation of interregional tools: a guide for the region, creation of an Atlantic Area water sports label (NEA).-Training sessions in the water sports sector aimed at encouraging tourists and residents.-Edition of a style guide and common promotional material.-Participation in trade fairs and exhibitions, organisation of inter-regional seminars, organisation of national and international water sports events. Achievements: • Creating 19 regional networks to develop nautical activities in the partner regions. • Promoting the development of exchanges and putting interregional actions into effect (pooling experiments, Quality charter,"Atlantic Area" range of products, Labelling of organisations and products, Establishing the NEA brand, Promoting the inter-regional network, its products and its brand at European and international levels) • Helping to organise international nautical events aiming to promote the nautical potential of the Atlantic Area • Preliminary study on nautical facilities in these regions: Establishing an inventory of existing nautical facilities in the partner regions (regional context, infrastructure, fleet, activities, employment, economic realities, cooperation within the region, structure) and proposals for future directions • Determining the elements of a shared nautical approach in the Atlantic Area (Boat trips and excursions on the water, Activities on shore, Longer trips and cruises, Water skiing, etc)



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