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Development of the natural inheritance represented by the local equine races to promote the territories of the Atlantic Space (EQUISAVE)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2004, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2007 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project consists in creating a network of promoters and breeders of the various native equine breeds in the Atlantic Area. The breeds concerned are: the Kerry Bog in Ireland, the Baudet du Poitou, the Landes pony and the Pottok in France, the Galician horses in Spain and the Miranda donkeys in Portugal. Local equine breeds will be enhanced and promoted as living cultural heritage of the region and a promotional tool of the Atlantic Area. The following actions are planned: setting up networks, drafting of a methodology guide in particular to improve the way associations work to develop inter-breed partnerships, a study aiming at the creation of a structure grouping the associations of local breeds in the Atlantic Area, dissemination of information, exhibitions, fairs, and the creation of a website, etc. Achievements: ✔ Producing a methodological guide to improve the operation of associations, disseminate the solutions to a number of problems, develop inter-breed partnerships, develop external partnerships and develop links with partner territories. For each breed, the guide provides various sections: portrait, genetics, competition, tourism, training, directory. ✔ Defining themes as a basis for organising meetings in each territory to exchange experience. ✔ A number of meetings have been held on subjects of interest to several partners: rescue plans, breed upgrading plans, livestock competitions, donkey trekking, educational activities, milk production, genetic studies (donkey breeds and Celtic branch breeds), use of frozen semen, breed evolution in future years etc. ✔ Networking between centres dedicated to existing breeds, creating relationships between associations looking at creating a site and existing sites ✔ Setting up regular seminars (seven in total) between the various breed associations and their partners. The seminars have been an opportunity to communicate important information to partners (particularly about financial management), present the actions each partner has carried out within the project, discuss various problems, present studies conducted as part of the project (tourism, possible renewal of the project) and to discover each of the project territories. ✔ Setting up tools to enable effective exchange through the network and promote all the partners, establishing promotional documents common to all the breeds, emphasising the relationships between breed and territory (history, natural environment, use etc.). Designing, producing and printing a brochure presenting the project, an education brochure describing the breeds and a tourist brochure in all the project languages (8000 copies). ✔ Joint participation by all the partner breeds at several exhibitions in the Atlantic Area. All the partners attending exhibitions promoted Equisave. ✔ Creating an exhibition display. Producing a stock of photographs and display panels in four languages presenting the history of each breed and its territorial distribution. ✔ Creating a website: Promotion via the press (including specialist publications) and national media (radio, television) ✔ Study of tourism to help the different partners better grasp their tourism environment and the potential of their breed as an aid in discovering their territory ✔ Creating tourism products: organising donkey treks, Pottoka Danza performances, developing "rutas" as a tourist product, exhibitions and festive evenings with the donkey Miranda, Kerry Bog Village, donkey therapy ✔ Designing and producing an "Atlantic Journeys" brochure, with a section for each breed, presenting the various stays available in the territory associated with the breed in question



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