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Development of Sustainable Composite Materials (SustainComp)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2008, Date de fin: 31 août 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The SustainComp project aims at the development of a series of completely new wood-based sustainable composite materials for use in a wide array of market sectors, ranging from the medical, transportation and packaging to the construction sector. A primary goal is to substitute fossil-based materials used in these sectors. The performance of today’s biocomposite materials is not sufficient for a range of applications. The approach is to better utilize the inherent properties of cellulosic fibres and nanocellulose fibrils in such materials. The project encompasses the whole chain from production of modified fibres and nanocellulose through compounding and moulding to the final ecodesigned product for a number of product families. These new materials will integrate today’s large enterprises on the raw material and end-use sides (e.g. pulp mills and packaging manufacturers) and small and medium sized enterprises on the composite processing side (e.g. compounders and composite manufacturers). It is envisioned that this will help the transformation of the traditional Forest Products Industry to more highly value added materials through the adaption of a set of advanced technologies such as the production of nanocellulose in larger scale, tailoring of fibres and nanocellulose, wet commingling, nanostructuring, layer by layer deposition and fibre spinning using nanocellulose fibrils. More specifically the objective is to demonstrate new products within the following product families: i) Nano-reinforced foams (to replace styrofoams in the packaging and construction sector) ii) Moulded type of compounds, to introduce cellulose reinforced renewable biocomposites in the transportation and construction sectors iii) High throughput nanostructured membranes with designed selectivity for small-scale liquid applications in the medical field to large scale municipal applications This project conforms to the envisioned composite program in the Forest Technology Platform.



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