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Development Of RegiOnal clusTers for researcH and implementation of environmental friendlY urban logistics (DOROTHY)
Date du début: 1 juil. 2013, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Dorothy Project is targeted to develop the potential of innovation and research in the four Regions Tuscany (Italy),Valencia (Spain),Lisbon and Tagus (Portugal) and Oltenia (Romania) composing the Consortium in the field of Urban Logistics, one of the main focus of attention of the Flagship Initiative. In fact UL could reach 40% of the total cost of transportation and has great relevancy for energy consumption ad for town environmental quality. Research and technological innovation can play a significant role in the improvement of competitiveness of the sector. The Project organization shows a “two level” structure:-the Consortium partners, qualified in their specific role, experienced in the field, capable of developing the work required, be representative of the realities of the local Clusters, cover the essential roles in the Project.-The Stakeholders group, composed by all the initial partners of the Clusters and by other significant stakeholders (representatives of Associations, Chambers of Commerce, etc.) which can address and support the actions foreseen by the Project.The specific objectives of the Project can be synthesised as follow:-To define lines of research and innovation for the Clusters compliant with the specific technological and territorial specialisations.-To address the research-driven clusters in the four Regions toward common developments and collaboration through networking activities.-To set up the better conditions for the full exploitation of the results of the researches.-To ensure the spread of knowledge through high quality dissemination and stakeholders involvement.-To support the internationalisation of the Clusters through specific actions (Albania and Brazil already interested ).-To define Joint Action Plans (JAP) for the four Regions, with the active involvement of the Regional Authorities and Agencies-To mentor the start-up of the research clusters-To monitor the start-up of the activities defined in the JAP.



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