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Development of PCM-based innovative insulating solutions for the Light-weight building sector (STOREPET)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2011, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

New building strategies addressing climate change effects and reduction of heating/cooling energy are two fundamental issues at EU level. Figures as the 35,000 excess deaths attributed to the last heat wave in the continent in 2003, or 10% of the world’s energy being used just for heating of buildings support European citizen’s concerns and new EU legislation. New national and communitarian stringent directives, together with the economic slump of the construction sector (showing two digit shrinkage rates) have set extremely high challenges to the already weakened companies in the construction sector, especially the SMEs. A market need and a new opportunity for them is researching competitive solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation of light-weighted constructions, a broadly recognized market driver for the next decade.The proposed project aims to bring a new product to the building market – StorePET – a new inexpensive thermally enhanced and “ready to use” fiber insulation PCM-based composite, that combines on a single product 3 major skills: thermal insulation abilities to block heat transfer into or out of the buildings, outstanding airborne sound control proficiency and now also thermal storage capacities. The versatility of the concept will make it adaptable for heating and cooling purposes, enabling this product to address different climate patterns and geographical markets just by tailoring its relative composition, dimensions and installation layout.The participation of Construction Associations, having the ability to broadly disseminate the results throughout their members, will enable a large amount of SMEs to benefit both directly via manufacturing of knowledge-based materials and indirectly via a reactivated economy creating new business to installation and construction SMEs. It has been estimated that this will produce new streams of revenue worth € 170 million in the materials and installation sectors supporting more than 4000 employments, and energy savings worth above € 300 million.



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