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Development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to improve patient outcome in lung and pancreatic tumours (CANCERALIA)
Date du début: 1 avr. 2011, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Lung and pancreatic cancers still have a mortality rate over 85% at 5 years of diagnosis, a clear demonstration of the actual treatment failure and the need for improved clinical management. This involves better tools for diagnosis, prognosis, and selection of sensitive and resistant patients to current conventional therapies or improved innovative treatments as well as the development of novel therapeutic strategies.The major objective of this proposal is to improve management of patients with either lung or pancreatic tumors by studying the clinical applications of still not investigated metabolic and signalling pathways with the following aims:-development of new tools for early diagnosis-identification of novel tumour markers for early diagnosis and prognosis-prediction of response to conventional treatments-identification of the molecular mechanisms of generation of resistance-development of improved treatments based on the identification of novel molecular targets-design of novel anticancer strategies.-achieve a better understanding of how combinatorial treatments using current standard clinical procedures with novel treatments under development may improve patient outcome.The proposed consortium is composed of four experimental research groups with a profound knowledge on molecular and cellular biology of cancer, and ample experience in the design of targeted and personalized cancer therapies along with translational research, complemented with three clinical groups with an extensive experience in the clinical management of lung and pancreatic cancer patients, guaranteeing a clinical proof-of principle and applicability, integrating basic-clinical European scientific excellence. Furthermore, the consortium has incorporated one company with direct involvement in critical areas that will make feasible to translate to the clinic the results generated in the project.



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