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Development of interdisciplinary and democratic approach focused on a process of enhancing both our own EMOTIONs and our wellbeing, as educators, children and parents (European MethOds and Tools for ImprOving New approach)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Early school leaving is a vast and complex phenomenon which involves the psycho-social dimension of the students, the organization of teaching and educational strategies; educational practices are needed that do not exalt individualism and competition, but rather integrate students with social, psychological and / or emotional distress. It must start early, since early stage of schooling: the causes of the dispersion and subsequent abandonment have their own roots in the early years of schooling, where often it is determined the future of every student in terms of training success or failure. In the very first and in the early stages of schooling it can really operate an early deconditioning of risk behavior and effectively prevent early school leaving. Furthermore, collaboration, exchange of ideas and best practices with partners from European countries about a common problem of education, is a useful tool to identify common benefits for all participating countries, which go beyond the limits of their schools and their countries. Six preschools from four different European countries (Italy, Sweden, Greece and Bulgaria) will discuss the best practices used by each of the schools with the aim of defining the guidelines and a socio-emotional map and design games and instructional and educational tools that can help teachers to develop in students, above all in those with emotional, social and / or psychological distress, empathy emotional alphabets, self-awareness and social reflection, surpassing methodologies merely broadcasting in favor of cooperative, active, workshops, metacognitive approaches. The work of the partnership will be coordinated by the Città del Sole.Vasto non-profit, private school and Help Center for Special Educational Needs in Vasto (Italy), as lead agency communicating via e-mail and conference call: in occasion of the five international meetings, project team of the six partner schools will compare directly the best practices in each country, will work together to define the definitive versions of the results of the project and assess the quality of the activities, the effects created and, where appropriate, solutions to improve the work done. An initial survey among teachers, parents and pupils will indicate what are the major difficulties in the teaching / learning of socio-emotional skills; analyzing the results of the survey and choosing the best practices from each school, will be formulated guidelines, a socio-emotional map and educational tools, that will be published in a book in digital format entitled "Guide to EMOTIONS" that together with all the material of the project will be published on the project website ( from which all interested parties may inspect and obtain copies freely. The project is intended to modify the curricula of the schools involved and the teaching methods about learning / teaching social-emotional in the various partner schools, directly or indirectly involved in the project thanks to two training events scheduled during the first two international meetings and that will involve teachers and project staff of the six schools. After a period of application of the guidelines and the use of games, will be re-assessed the socio-emotional skills in output among the same target groups of the first checklist to assess the project's impact on teachers / children / parents; finally, a final survey will assess the degree of satisfaction of teachers and parents on the results and impact of the project. It will be organized at the end of the project a Multiplier Event in Italy, during the last of the five international meetings, with the involvement of the Municipality of Vasto and a wide range of stakeholder, for the dissemination and exploitation of the project results starting from the digital book "Guide to EMOTIONs". The six schools will agree on a plan of dissemination events in different partner countries during and after the duration of the project: through the development and continuous updating of the website and the digital book, the project will protract its effects even after its end to ensure sustainability in the same time.



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