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Development of cooperation network between farm animal researchers and practitioners in Ziemgale (FARA)
Date du début: 1 mai 2012, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Siauliai University (SU) and Latvia University of Agriculture (LUA) are two institutions which actively take part in the regions’ development, strategic planning, provide intellectual services and products for the regions. Universities are multi-profiled - the studies as well as research deal with economics, education, social sciences and information technologies, agriculture, civil and environmental engineering, biogenetics etc. Universities together with the network of associated partners have interest to contribute to the agricultural development of farm animal researches in the region, to make studies and research more pragmatic and innovative carrying out actual issues in the Baltic Sea Region. Overall objective of the Project: to develop cross-border cooperation in Northern Lithuania (Siauliai country) and Southern Latvia (Zemgale) establishing cooperation network between research and practice actions (additional partners) in different types of farms (breeding centres, farmers, commercial farms).It is very important to promote education and awareness about farm animal research and importance in Ziemgale region. Also it is important to strengthen agrarian and social resources by contributing to the realization of regional strategies: to impede emigration while encouraging people to work and create in their home places, increasing their employment, freshening villages, etc. The sub-objectives: 1) the analysis of the situation of the main branches of stockbreeding (the structure of animals breed, herd, genealogy, the duration of economic use, the level of productivity, etc.). 2) Biological - genetic investigations of pig and cattle of different breeds. 3) Investigations of phenotype and other indexes of horses. 4) The establishment of collaborative net on the basis of sharing the experience about scientific researches between the science institutions of LT and LV, practically adjusting results of the researches in particular farms, consulting and educative acting. 5) The arrangement of recommendations vouching for the trade of competitive production and implementation of them in animal breeding centers and commercial farms. 6) To develop the attitude in the society, that researches are available and useful for working in livestock field. The project target group-specialists and owners of the commercial farms and breeding centers, the members of farmers union and association of animal breeds, and the specialists of stockbreeding of consulting service,teachers and students of agricultural schools, specialists and owners of agritourism homesteads . Main outputs:1 feasability study, 4 researches, 5 individual recomendations for farms, equipped research laboratories in Zemgale region; established web page; 1 final conference, 4 practical trainings. Achievements: 1 feasibility study and reccomendations published in LT, LV, EN (100 CD, 50 paper copies); 1 seminar-discussion (50 participants); 2 annual practical seminars for owners of the farms and breeding centers (1 LT, 1 LV); 1 international final conference (100 partcipants); obtained infrastructure of the laboratories for genetic researches of SU and LUA; 4 types of biological-genetic investigations of farm animal; 5 recommendations for the farms; 2 scientific articles; 4 trainings for tagret groups (25-30 participants and 3 lectures in each); 2 study trips (1 LT, 1 LV) for lecturers and the students of agriculture schools (15 participants in each); network between researches and breeding centers of different animal breeds created.



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