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Development of a Training Program for Improving the Quality of Life of Persons with Down Syndrome through the Prevention of Obesity
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Persons with Down syndrome (PDS) have a higher genetic predisposition to obesity, which reduces their quality of life and even life expectancy. Healthy Lifestyles are the way to control obesity in PDS. A sensible approach to nutrition, eating, regular exercise and healthy routines helps to prevent and reduce weight gain in childhood, adolescence and adult life Healthy Lifestyles are not implemented enough due to a lack of i) awareness and understanding of PDS and their families; ii) empowerment of PDS reducing their motivation and medium-long term effects; iii) rigorous technical information,; iv) a tailored and accessible training methodology and tools adapted to PDS, families and professionals Main objective of HEALTHY DS is increasing the competences (attitudes, skills, knowledge) of the collective around Down Syndrome (DS) (PDS, families and professionals) about how to prevent and reduce obesity in PDS while increasing their empowerment, through a innovative training program. The project has the next specific objectives: - Increasing the awareness and understanding of PDS and their families on the impact of Healthy Lifestyles and Empowerment - Collection and evaluation of technical information, existing cases and success factors for transferring Healthy Lifestyles and Empowerment practices - Developing a Training Methodology based in the combination of Healthy Lifestyle and Empowerment approaches - Adaptation of the Training Materials, Practical Activities and Tools to the different capacities of the DS collective - Development of accessible and usable ICT Tools for supporting the Training Methodology Next partners from 6 countries will participate: - 5 entities working in the field of supporting PDS involving a big collective of persons, families and professionals. - 1 University & Clinic specialized in Nutrition and Healthy Lifesytles, FLA_UV, with experience in training actions in this field, addressed to persons with special needs - 1 Technological Centre, IAT, specialized in development of ICT solutions adapted to collectives with special needs The next results will be obtained; - Determination of key success factors and lessons learnt for the implementation and training of Healthy Lifestyle Models within an Empowerment environment for persons with Down Syndrome (PDS) involving families and professionals - Determination of the specifications for the development of a successful Training Program - Development of 1 Training Methodology and 1 Set of Training Materials, Practical Activities and Tools - Development of 1 e-Training Platform, including awareness, training contents and tailored and adapted ICT solutions based on gaming for supporting the Training Methodology - Creation of 5 HEALTHY DS UNITS in the Associations belonging to the Consortium for the sustainable exploitation of the project - Development of Dissemination Actions The next methodology will be applied. Revision of critical aspects for a Healthy Lifestyles transference and implementation Guidelines for Healthy Lifestyles (nutrition, exercise, habits) of PDS within an Empowerment environment. Nutrition needs of PDS and healthy alternatives as well as applicable indoor & outdoor physic activities and habits will be determined. Successful implementation factors for transference, empowerment practices, exploitation of ICT Tools and competences development will be identified Development of Training Materials and Activities Development of Training Materials and Activities adapted to PDS, families and professionals and roles (trainers and trainees), including specificities based on age, health situation, weight, country…It will be develop; • Adapted Training Materials; bases for improving Healthy Lifestyles of PDS within an Empowerment environment, among others: Awareness; Nutrition needs; Healthy Lifestyle Pyramid; Food alternatives; Menus combinations; Customized diets; Eating practices, food portions sizes; Indoor&Outdoor activities; Habits, resting, hygiene…);Self-decision making process. • Adapted Practical Activities to be implemented both in professional assistance and private/ domestic /family environments; Development of Healthy Menus; Healthy and Autonomous Purchasing in local markets; Healthy Cooking; Practicing Healthy Outdoor Activities; Practicing Healthy Indoor Activities Development of ICT supporting tools and e-Training Platform Development of ICT Tools integrated in an e-Platform/Website for boosting the implementation of the training methodology. They will be based on gaming and accessibilityf or motivating PDS and facilitate its exploitation: Self-diagnosis of Healthy Lifestyle, Selection of healthy food and activities… Project Activities will be completed with Management and Implementation actions IMPACT during the project lifetime: 150-200 PDS and their families and 25 professionals will be trained through validation actions 2300 persons families and professionals with Down Syndrome will be aware



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