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Development of a Next generation European Inland Waterway Ship and logistics system (NEWS)
Date du début: 1 mars 2013, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The proposed project “Development of a Next generation European Inland Waterway Ship and Logistics System” aims at1. developing and validating a novel container ship (hull) which will include the following TECHNICAL INNOVATIONS:a) re-design of a standard inland ship hull = increase of transport efficiency (+ 100%)b) adaptable draught = crossing below even low bridges and react to altering water-levels = increase of days of navigability (+88% - 320 days instead of 170 days)c) an adjustable diesel-/gas-/LNG-electric energy- and propulsion system = increase of resource efficiency (up to 30%), decrease of harmful exhaust emissions2. tailoring a special-designed and integrated logistics system which will include the complying LOGISTICAL INNOVATIONS:a) an adapted logistics and supply system for the respective demands of market in the catchment areab) enlargement of the European inland waterway system for container transport = adapting the novel container ship for a use on UN-classes III and IV and making secondary waterways in Europe accessiblec) new river ports infrastructure conceptsd) re-evaluation of multimodal activitiesConcluding, the novel container ship will be able to meet operator’s targeted costs, optimize time-management (reliability), answer to inland shipping-specific bottlenecks (e.g. low bridges, shallow waters), improve carbon footprints and thus successfully compete with road and railway transport.A significant modal shift is aspired, especially to the Danube and its hinterland.One of the main results will be a finance and business plan to bring the novel ship AND the required logistical concepts to the market, designed to reach EU 2011 White Paper and to strengthen the Danube region.The consortium herewith applies for European funding as both technical AND logistical innovations are designed to support cross-border European challenges for an optimized waterborne transport clearly pointing out the need for an European approach."



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