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Development of a cost effective system for exchange and management of information related to construction products in terms of articles, addressing European legislation and market requirements (PRODUCTINFOX)
Date du début: 1 juin 2013, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This proposal addresses the collective challenge faced by the SMEs in the construction sector of collecting and using information on products and equipment – designated articles – to comply with regulatory requirements and expectations from their customers.The new regulation on construction products lays down a number of provisions on products to be used in the sector to improve the free flow of products within Europe. Information elements are important parts of this. There is also a growing public concern on the contents of hazardous substances built into constructions, which often have long life. Traditionally, it is difficult to collect information on chemical composition of products. Small or medium sized enterprises (SMEs) do not have own resources to identify their legal obligations and collect information to meet regulatory requirements and market demands.There is a strong need for an information system that can help the SMEs in the construction sector to comply with regulatory requirements and provide information on the products that are applied to meet expectations from their customers. The proposed ProductInfoXchange system will provide all necessary information related to construction products through a system with centralized collection and quality assurance of information followed by distribution to all local projects using the actual product. The system will inform the users about relevant regulatory requirements, standards and related documents, and provide a filter function to identify products containing substances that may cause problems. This will help the user to select the best suited product for the actual application.ProductInfoXchange is sector driven, and will be developed to meet future requirements through exchange of structured information in accordance with IFD.



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