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Development and test of a system for the recognition of professional competences in the field of commerce, regardless of how these competences have been acquired

In the era of life-long learning, the recognition of informal and non-formal learning is crucial. The competence profile of a person is shaped by different forms of learning and should be assessed as a whole. The European Standard on Personnel Certification (EN ISO 17024) controls this process but it is difficult to apply it to all the EQF-levels because there are not enough offers which apply this standard in an economically justifiable way. The existing offers refer to the levels 6 to 8, and there are no offers for the levels 3 to 4.This project developed an ECVET system for the recognition of competences for the EQF-levels 3 to 4, regarding commercial qualifications and regardless of how the competences have been acquired. The system which was developed is an online-based System, provided via a competence evaluation platform. On the basis of the individually acquired competences and skills, individual competence tests are compiled. The assessment results provides a competence profile. A competence description shall be generated for it, which will be confirmed by a certification authority. This means that the acquired competences are confirmed by a third party and it is not important how these competences have been acquired. The online-based system enables a cost-efficient competence assessment. This way, personnel certification is made accessible to occupational groups which had been excluded so far due to economic reasons.The system which was developed closes a gap in personnel certification for those people that have not yet found a suitable and efficient offer on the market. A person with his/her individual competence profile determines the certificate. This leads to competence balances which will increase labour mobility because the acquired competences gain a professional identity. These competence balances can be added to reference letters or partly substitute them if a person should not have received a reference letter. The system is created as a European project. Thus, transnational and comparative competence recognitions are possible, and this has a positive effect on the European labour mobility.



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