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Development and Evaluation of a path-depending, learner-centered blended learning concept as a best-practice for the field of E-Business

The main objective of the project is the elaboration and testing of a learner-centered and therefore more target group and user orientated learning and teaching material as well as a blended learning concept, which is not longer orientated towards the structure of a classical curricular, but towards the individual needs and interests of each student. This learning material and concept shell especially meet the needs and interests of SMEs. A vital aspect of the concept is the development of a learning environment which allows and supports the development of individual learning paths per student. Whithin this concept the teacher will become a manager of the lerarning processes of each student. In regard of the social asects of learning, learning teams and online-communication will be supported and additionally in house workshops will be offered. The testing will take place in 3 countries (D, SE, HU). Because of the novellty of this approach the elaboration of a new certification-concept which meets the needs of a path-depending learning concept, will be dicussed.



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