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Development and demonstration of energy efficient system for accelerated curing during repair and refurbishment of concrete structures (MCURE)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2013, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project has been initiated by the 4 SMEs from different European countries who are all committed to participating in the successful research, development and subsequent demonstration of the MCure project in order to improve the quality and curing time of concrete constructions. Over 50% of expenditure in the EU construction sector is on repair of existing structures rather than on new build. The primary material of construction requiring repair in EU is concrete. The annual cost of repair of reinforced concrete structures in Western Europe is in excess of €5 billion, a problem which is likely to be even greater in Eastern Europe. Wide scale research undertaken by EU FP5 project CONREPNET 2004 showed that 25% of structure owners are unhappy with the performance of the repair within five years after the rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures; 75% are dissatisfied within ten years. This has generated a requirement to deliver more durable and effective repairs to concrete structures. To meet this requirement, this MCure project will scientifically develop a novel accelerated curing approach which will improve the durability, accelerate the curing and consistency of concrete repairs, independent of climatic environment. It will be an energy and time efficient curing system. It will make more efficient use of resources, especially in harsh winter weather conditions due to the system robustness and the effectiveness of the technology in all kinds of weather. This approach will improve the productivity and competitiveness of SME repairs contractors. This technological approach will involve advancements in the fields of remote moisture sensing and concrete compressive strength. Background research has validated the technical concept and the market opportunity. Within five post project years, MCure will generate at least 215 new jobs in EU and additional revenues of over€28 million for the SMEPs.



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