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Developing Validation of Adult Education Trainers
Date du début: 1 janv. 2013,

Adult education is a central pillar in the European lifelong learning policy, but in most European countries the qualifications of adult education trainers are mainly based on informal and not formal learning and not formally recognized. For these reasons, the development of systems for validation of competences (i.e. systems that can check the practitioner is able to carry out the key activities of his role up to a predetermined optimum standard) can be of great help.The partners will develop a methodology for validating competence of Adult Education Trainers (AETs), called Expertise Check up. The assessment methodology will be based on reconstruction of performance of the AETs whilst carrying out the key activities typical of their role. A AET competence profile will be previously developed, listing this main key activities. The competence profile will be developed based on desk research on existing competence profiles at OECD level and on a need analysis carried out in a number of adult education providers including the partners. The project will produce:• A review of competence profiles of AETs in partner countries and in Europe. • A review of the existing methods for validating competence of people at work• Manual for validation of competence of AETs• A blueprint for training AETs evaluators Thanks to a thorough valorisation plan over 24,000 members of target groups will be informed about the project and about 500 will be involved in it. Of these, 60 adult trainers will be trained as evaluators and 210 will undergo the Expertise Check up.The project is submitted by a consortium representing the heterogeneity of adult education providers, so to assure transferability of methodology.



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