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DEveloping the MObility CRedits Integrated platform enabling travellers to improve urban TranspOrt Sustainability (DEMOCRITOS)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2009, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The 24 months project introduces the Mobility Credits Model as a transport specific platform that will enable travellers, mobility providers, technology providers and transport planners to understand the implications of climate policy and increasing prices for greenhouse gas emissions and to identify new opportunities in urban mobility first and in extra-urban mobility later. The concept of the Mobility Credit Model is based on four basic pillars: define a sustainable load of GHG (GreenHouse Gas) in an urban area; convert this load into a “total amount of credits”, that will become the common “currency” to be spent within the assigned budget limits using an Electronic GHG wallet, and will be distributed to all the travellers; define a set of rules to use the credits; exchange credits allowing travellers with a negative balance of credits to buy extra-credits from other travellers who are credit-positive. The Mobility Credits Platform (MCP) allows to create a behavioural context where the travellers can experience the effects of changing attitudes and choices in mobility with a range of possible implementations, from a “pedagogic tool” to a “mandatory demand management scheme”, from a “social network” to “enterprise applications”. The project will proceed through the development of a comprehensive and consistent theoretical framework in order to provide a solid background addressing all the implementation issues and effects of the integrated platform; the definition of the system and technology architecture, the assessment of the long term effects of the MCP, in particular the impact on local competitiveness due to re-location effects. The theoretical framework will be then tested in the four urban areas of Genova, Stuttgart, Lisboa and Craiova through simulations and a first demonstration pilot; results will be compared for finalizing the MCP scheme both for the participating cities and for other European municipalities."



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