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Developing teachers´ skills on coaching, e-environments and entrepreneurship (E-DECO)

While whole Europe is facing serious economical crisis, entrepreneurial spirit and business awareness are needed among the VET-students. VET-teachers are key drivers to feed and encourage the spirit and guide the action of potential start-ups of their students. Personal coaching approach to guide potential entrepreneurs is fundamental. The potential of information and communications technology (ICT) can be used to boost the efficiency of coaching and increase its' attractiveness through distance learning.E-DECO how ever does not target students but teachers. In the core of the project is to develop teachers entrepreneurial mindset. The VET teachers need to update and develop their skills of coaching and e-environments equally.E-DECO project aimed to involve oneself in the developing of the new teaching paradigm: Trialogical teaching involves the teachers, the students and the digital world. The concrete aim of the project was to promote and transfer innovative teaching methodologies and competence of VET teachers by developing their coaching and e-coaching skills in the context of entrepreneurship and business. This project did transfer new innovative teaching methodologies of two LLP-projects: Entre-Coach and BeSTrain. Results could be described as e-Entre-Coach method.



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