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Developing River Basins Sustainable Management Mechanisms (mainly by infrastructures' restoration) as Precautionary Measure Against Intensive Torrential Phenomena (PREPARING FOR INTENSIVE TORRENTIAL PHENOMENA)

The objective of this project is to prepare local societies on the severity of the regional transboundary torrential phenomena. In order to succeed it, a common transboundary road map for a public precaution mechanism is developed, so to be immediately implemented by authorities, experts and local societies, while a first set of interventions are made during the projects lifetime.The actions of the project are divided into two levels: Firstly, the target is to recognize threats and formulate mechanisms for precautionary measures and secondly to prepare local stakeholders for future intense phenomena.To achieve the first target, a GIS database extrapolated into a report is developed, so as to identify core areas of generating torrential phenomena and existing old infrastructures. This will be accompanied with relevant sets of implementation studies for each core generation area in Greece, while a first set of interventions will be made (expansion-reshaping of current channels) in Gevgelija.At the level of civil protection and awareness, project partners organize meetings, workshops and study visits directly targeting to competent authorities, experts and scientists/academicians, while common trainings and dissemination activities are targeted to a wider audience (local populations).



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