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Developing Innovative Network of Associations to Motivate Initiatives and Cooperation
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Developing Innovative Network of Associations to Motivate Initiatives and Cooperation (DINAMIC) project is created with the aim to encourage young people to take an active part in developing local communities. 10 participants of this project, young people from Italy, France and Spain will be hosted by 3 local organisations, united by a goal of working for the benefit of Vodnjan-Dignano community. The experience, received during their service, will later be used for development of the communities the volunteers belong to. DINAMIC project also aims at developing strong cooperation between Association Informo, Ecomuseum 'Istrian de Dignan' and Pucko otvoreno uciliste-Università popolare aperta Vodnjan-Dignano. Working together and benefiting mutually of each other's experience and knowledge will not only give the biggest possible impact for the local community, but become a role model in the field of cooperation and share this practice with other communities in Europe. Other partners in this project are Asociación para la integración y Progreso de las Culturas Pandora (Spain), Scambieuropei (Italy), Etudes Et chantiers Espace Central (France) and YouNet (Italy). Each of these organisations acts as sending organisation for the volunteers who will stay in Vodnjan for a period of 12 months. Topics addressed by DINAMIC project are international cooperation, labour market issues and EU citizenship and awareness. Major project activities will be carried out in the City of Vodnjan/Dignano, however volunteers will be involved in cultural life of the Istrian region, being able to attend numerous events and organize educational activities. All enthusiastic, motivated, and willing to learn candidates are foreseen to take part in the project. Ten volunteers participating in the project will have a chance to understand other culture and introduce their own one. It will give the project bigger impact - creating multicultural and tolerant society. Volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in various activities that will be interconnected between three organisations. They will gain experience in prepariation the cultural events, exhibitions, presentations, tastings, workshops and celebrations. Participants will learn the basics of European project management and how to develop small municipality using European funding opportunities. Volunteers will also enhance useful labor-market skills such as research and analysis, project writing, strong computer skills, communication and organization skills. The volunteers will gain a valuable experience of working as a part of international team and will significantly improve their language skills due to everyday usage of English, Croatian and Italian. The results of the project will be disseminated trough the websites of INFORMO and other partners, social pages of all of the partners, platform and local media. DINAMIC EVS project will involve young people into actively working for the benefit of local community. They will have a chance to make an impact and gain valuable experience that can be used for development of local, national and European level.


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