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Developing innovative entrepreneurship through green economy applications and human resource training on green jobs in the cross-border area (Green Business Innovation)
Date du début: 23 mai 2013,

The project aims to identify green innovation business opportunities in small manufacturing/trade/service application areas and to strengthen business cooperation and technology transfer. To achieve its aim, the project pursues the following objectives:1. Set up a cross-border partnership that will help businesses of the eligible area: 1. Identify and pursue green innovation opportunities 2. Develop and implement green innovation practices 3. Reduce business risks and address economic crisis challenges, using toolkits to help develop and implement a green innovation action plan 4. Achieve environmental compliance and continually improve their performance 5. Maximize the efficient use of their resources through the implementation of green innovation best practice 6. Network with like-minded business 7. Connect to more experienced companies that have travelled further in the environmental maze and promote their innovative, environmentally friendly products in the eligible area and beyond.2. Implement training programmes for green economy skilled workers, managers and the unemployed in order to enhance human resource skills in the proposed sectors.3. Provide the tools, the support, and the information base to help cross-border businesses thrive in today's competitive green marketplace.



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