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Developing High Quality Street Art Exchanges
Date du début: 1 juil. 2013,

The partner who all are networked in the European street art scene and who all are connected to a big local street art event share the holistic vision that street arts can be developed best with a fusion approach. So they aim to combine its social inclusive and artistic powers by bringing together different street art traditions and skills from street theatre, carnival and fire arts, costume and mask building or stilt art. To develop high quality in this field HiStArt initiates European street art master classes to set in motion an exchange of ideas, knowledge and techniques. As teachers, participants and reciprocal visitors leading artists can profit from different European cultural heritages and can combine its influences to create a new European street art style. One goal is to develop high class street art works which can be presented at the street art festivals and carnivals in the vicinity of the four partner. By organizing follow-up workshops for schools and creative interested locals HiStArt offers a low- threshold access to street art for all. Artist educated through the master classes will conduct this workshops and will bring the people in contact with European street art heritage. The project aims to professionalize the street art sector. It will support and strengthen the local creative industries related to the street arts by a lot of year round engagements, additional orders, consulting and advanced training services as well as through offering rooms for workshop activities.HiStArt rest upon long-term cooperation at an organizational level. The partners know eachother well for years. Within HiStArt they will foster this strong operating contacts inter alia through four conferences to evaluate and exchange their experiences. Together they will create an extraordinary space for exchange and high class European artistic development. In the end the project shall set a standard of excellence in European street arts.



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