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Developing European Action Weeks and International Chernobyl Network
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

English: Our volunteers can work in three fields: 1) Projects with Ukraine and Belorussia 2) Intercultural educational projects 3) Projects for children and youngsters in Dortmund 1) In the field “Projects with Ukraine and Belorussia” first of all the volunteers will get to know the work structure and partners in the Ukraine and Belorussia. They will participate on the meetings with the so called “liquidators”, those people who were obligated to clean-up work in Chernobyl after the reactor accident in 1986 and were exposed to a high amount of radiation. Because the IBB campaigns for pan-European remembrance of Chernobyl and also because the IBB supports liquidators in their civil society engagement in the Ukraine and Belorussia the volunteers will meet the liquidators an various projects and probably support them in their work in that year. Also the volunteers will meet at the international network meeting the members of the European Chernobyl Network, among them civil society organisations, humanitarian organisations also environmental initiatives from Great Britain, Spain, Poland, Turkey, the Netherlands and Austria. The volunteers will support the employees in extension of the network, in building up a website for the network, in creating materials for the promotion of the network, in communication with the members and in organising network events. That’s how they will increase their practical skills in project management and associate with international groups. One project that the volunteers would be involved in from the beginning is the “European Action Week For a Future after Chernobyl and Fukushima”. These action weeks take place every year Europe wide in April and consist of meetings with witnesses (liquidators) in schools and youth centres, candle action for the anniversary of the Chernobyl catastrophe and also discussions about renewable energy. The volunteers will be involved in organising, caring out and documenting the pan-European project. Through this role they will take more and more responsibility in several working tasks. 2) The volunteers will also work in the field of intercultural educational projects, mainly for the programme “Ewoca”, a support programme for youth facilities from North Rhine-Westphalia. These institutions (communal, churchly and free funding bodies) realise in trilateral partnerships international youth meetings all over Europe. The volunteers support the employees in communicating with the partners, in promoting “Ewoca” in social networks, in creating materials about “Ewoca” or in running the website of the programme ( The volunteers can also attend the international youth meetings and help in preparing, organising and facilitating these meetings. 3) IBB is supporting the Centre for children and youth from Immigrant families “Vita” which is located in the building next to IBB. The Centre realises leisure activities and educational projects for the children and youngsters from Dortmund-North. The volunteers can assist in these projects supporting the employees in organising and realising trips and excursions and in tutoring the children. Depending on their experience and interest the volunteers also might organise own tutorials in their native language or for instance tutorials on computer skills. Every volunteer would have their own work space and they would have the opportunity to take training intern the IBB.



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