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Deutsch-Italienisches Seminar zur sozialen und beruflichen Integration junger Migranten in europäischen Großstadtregionen
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Institute for International Politics and Economics (named Haus Rissen) together with Villa Vigoni (seated in Italy) will realize a German - Italian seminar on the topic "Integration of young migrants in European agglomerations". In the project seven other political, administrative and migrants organisations from Milan and Hamburg will participate, which have special experience in the topic. The seminar will take place in two steps: 1st till 4th of October 2015 at Villa Vigoni near Milan and the 9th till 11th of December 2015 at Haus Rissen in Hamburg. We expect about 28 participating multipliers from Germany and Italy. The participants will be certified by the youthpass. Since many years it is the bitter reality that young migrants have less chances to participate in society and within the education systems in Germany and Italy. Though there have been many reforms and efforts the bad figures have not really changed to the better. New challenges and developments make it urgent to act to integrate young migrants into our society. The seminar is about learning from each other. The partner organisations will inform each other about their activities in this political field, exchange of experience and know how, visit of best-practice projects, discussions with political decisionmakers and other stakeholders. We will analyse the current situation in Milan and Hamburg to find differences and similarities and we will identify difficulties and obstacles for the integration of young migrants. The aim is to develop new ideas for innovative projects and a deeper cooperation to foster the social and educational integration of young migrants in our society by: - Exchange of best practice in order to enhance the competencies of multipliers and migrants in the field of employability and the social and political participation and involvement by youth empowerment - Finding synergies and focussing the competencies by networking of the relevant stakeholders from different sections and the development of new European and crossboarder projects. - Enhancing competencies of multipliers through an European surplus, diversity methods and the identification and implementation of quality criteria and to raise the respect and the mutual acceptance of migrants and hosting societies. We especially focus on methods of non formal education and the teaching of key competencies that are relevant for the employabilitiy and the social integration of young migrants. We want to identify social and political obstacles, various options and general possibilities for successful integration projects. The network between formal, nonformal and migrant orientated and run educational organisations. Important will be the identification of new challenges that are caused by the rapid increase of the number of migrants within the last months, the large number of not accompanied minors, the high youth unemployment rate (Dec. 2014: 44% in Italy) as a result of the financial and economic crisis. And we want to analyse, what can be the European surplus of the Erasmus plus programm for young migrants with less opportunities. In the long run we want to think about a concept for a substainable strategic partnership between the partner organisations in Germany and Italy and beyond in different European countries. We want to strengthen the integration of young migrants within european agglomerations, we want to extend the educational infrastrcture and to foster the cohesion and solidarity in our local communities and in Europe as a whole.



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