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Determination of a European standard for key performance indicators (KPIs) in Vocational Training models of construction industry
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In a time of globalization and increasingly competitive environment, measuring performance in construction industry has become critical to business success. Performance measurement aligns organizational resources, activities and processes to the major objectives of the organization. It focuses on the long-term goals and cultivates a long-term strategic view of the organization and therefore produces meaningful measures. It has a wide variety of useful applications. It is useful in benchmarking, or setting standards for comparison with best practices in other organizations, provides consistent basis for comparison during internal change efforts and indicates results during improvement efforts. It is obvious that performance measurement alerts companies during negative performance and leverage opportunities. However, it also increases company-wide understanding of corporate vision and strategy. Stronger communication is provided through the measurement processes. Moreover, information overload is avoided since only the most important measures are considered. The issues related to the long-term targets and strategic objectives are underlined. Improved organizational alignment and employee performance and actions according to the identified strategy is a common result of a successfully implemented performance management system. The competencies needed and available in the company are determined and accordingly a continuous change management and strategic planning is provided. In strategic performance management literature it is assumed that the improvement in the performance of a significant component has a direct effect on the performance of its outer shell. In construction industry value chain, the success of the projects effect company performances and the success of the companies effects industrial performance whereby the industrial success effect macro economical factors. All parameters regarding this approach can be considered as the potential critical success factors of performance. In this project, it is aimed to determine EU wide key performance indicators (KPIs) of vocational training in order to design a conceptual performance measurement system. Vocational training is one of the significant components of project success in construction industry since increasing the success of construction practices and implementations of the well trained workers, will increase the productivity on site and decrease the cost of rework. The determination of European wide KPIs other than national or organization based indicators helps to improve projects success, companies success, industries success and macro-economical factors of the member countries of EU accordingly and homogeneously. By this way, with the KPIs and the performance measurement system which is aimed to be determined and designed at the end of this project will be implemented and used in all vocational training centers of EU countries to increase their success in a way to reach overall success in construction industry in Europe. Different than the previous studies and projects depicted in literature, in this project, "Vocational Training Centers and Models" and their performance as one of the main drivers of productivity and the effects on the decrease of rework will be investigated. This study is going to be the first since it is going to be analyzed with data European wide, aiming to develop a performance measurement system with European Union wide key performance indicators. Since data will be collected from so many different countries and partners by questionnaires and workshops and search conferences, a statistical method called "Structural Equation Modeling" will be used as well as "fuzzy logic" methods for the analysis. The output model that is aimed to be develop at the end of project will have the potential to measure the performance of vocational training centers, see the current state in a way by benchmarking and best practices implementations. Nowadays, contemporary strategic performance measurement systems are considered as the key to success in a value chain. In the value chain of performance it is assumed that macro economy is affected by general industrial success and industrial success is affected by the companies and associated other components success. The construction industry as being one of the main drivers of macro economy of any country, the components associated in the construction industry also have significant impacts on the overall success of the industry. The performance measurement system and the KPIs that er going to be developed at the end of this project will be an opportunity for the VETs to improve their performance and to train more skilled labour for the construction projects. At the end it will improve the productivity of the projects, thereby bring the project success, company success, industrial success and in the macro level will improve the economy of nations as well as all union member countries.



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