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Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our training will be implemented from 3-11.11.2016, in Giżycko, bringing together 24 participants (including 3 coaches), from: Poland, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania.The main objectives of the project:- The exchange of experiences, knowledge and information related to the specific problems of those excluded in individual countries and ways of tackling them as background training and the main objectives of Erasmus Plus and 2020- Transfer method of psycho-gymnastics- ability to work as a tool to support those who are excluded leading to the psychosocial development, integration and reducing unemploymentFor all the activity we will use non-formal education methodology, further enriched with a range of authoring tools among psycho-gymnastics and street based work.Training participants will be asked to organize a series of workshops for members of their organization. We want the new knowledge and methods of work are disseminated further, beyond the organization partnerships. Other workers were aware of the new tools, as well as to be of interest to the Erasmus Programme + and initiatives that may be in its framework created and implemented.The project will produce electronic publication, over which they will no longer work the participants during the training and will appear on the network for all available networks. The publication will be a tool information concerning psycho-gymnastics and a collection documenting the training process. The publication will also include tools that will arise in the course of training work (tool exercises related to psycho-gymnastics).



10 Participants partenaires