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Destrezas formativas básicas para una escuela de la sociedad del conocimiento
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Among the 16 counsellors working at CEP Luisa Revuelta, some of them have recently incorporated to the work and are eager to introduce innovations in the way the design of training activities have developed in the late five years. This project aims at developing knowledge and skills on the part of counsellors regarding the three strategic lines that need further improvement: Plurilingualism (after 10 years of Plan de Fomento de Plurilingüismo in Andalucia); technical tools applied to educations and training modalities aimed at conveying effective usage and Entrepeneurship. A large percentage of training activities at CEP Luisa Revuelta (Plans and Programmes) hinge on these strategic lines that go hand in hand when it comes to covering essential aspects of 21st century education. In this sense, the main objectives of this project are the following ones: - Improvement of lingüistic skills (B1/B2/C1). - Digital skills for teachers: indicators for assessing and training into developing them. - Design of mobile technolgy training course for further implementation at schools that might be a turning point in technological training in the province. - CLIL methodology training for Vocational Training teachers. Main aspects to cover. A boost for bilingual vocation al training schools. - A proposal for a "Good Practice Event" in the field of digital education, that might involve successful examples of technical support for didactic tasks across subjects in schools of the province. By achieving these objectives, this project will cater for thethreefold needs that have been assessed along the previous months in every meeting held by the counselling board: STAFF GENERAL TRAINING MANAGEMENT SKILLS There is a need for a common lingüistic update in foreign languages (English and French) and digital skills, applied to daily training design and previous decision-taking processes. INNOVATIVE APPROACHES TO EDUCATION AS THE RATIONALE BEHIND MOST TRAINING ACTIVITIES DESIGNED New approaches to integrated use of technology and pegagogy should be part of the strategic training design in the upcoming schoolyears and they will be shared by the counselling team at CEP Luisa Revuelta. TRAINING AND TEACHING UPDATING Including new forms of training that combines on-line and in-site tutorship. As a result of the measures carried out along the project two innitiatives will be carried out: - A definite tool for sifting good technological/ pedagogical practices will be in use by counsellors. - The design of a training route for bilingual schools will be eventually accomplished.