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'Destination Carnival' - Cultural Tourism as a vector for youth Development
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

'Destination Carnival' - Cultural Tourism as a Vector for Youth Development will be a series of innovative capacity building and youth development actions, bringing together young people, arts workers and tourism professionals in order to develop, plan and realization of large-scale cultural events.Across the world the carnival arts sector (within the wider context of cultural tourism) makes valuable and significant contributions to the social, cultural and economic development needs of young people and the wider community. The carnival sector is a globalized creative industry, that represents one of the most rapidly expanding global tourism initiatives. Our partners recognize that this aspect of intangible culture provides significant opportunities for young people’s mobility, development and employment and supports individual and group innovation and creativity, whilst promoting social inclusion and cultural diversity.Our programme partners are from United Kingdom, India and South Africa. The partners will collaborate and cooperate on capacity building training activities; arts engagement projects; cultural initiatives; periods of voluntary service, youth exchanges and professional networking that will have a measured and significant impact on their capabilities to operate and act within a globalized cultural tourism sector. This project will engage professional practitioners who will facilitate and support the delivery of training and creative work with young people from backgrounds of less opportunity, as well as pass on valuable skills and knowledge. The stages within our project include:1: 'kick off' meeting with Capacity building/training for arts and youth workers;2: Hosting and sending of European Voluntary Service;3. Workshops that engage wider peers groups;4: Transnational youth exchanges (including capacity building actions);5. Large-scale youth meetings;6: Final dissemination conference/evaluation meeting.The cultural tourism sector is a growth cluster for economic activity with the potential for combating unemployment increasingly recognized. Our project will compliment the importance of culture and tourism development as a contribution to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Through building the skills, knowledge, experience and competences of our partners and project participant’s we enhance their capacity and capability to develop employment and operate within a globalized arts and tourism sector. Objectives: Explore compare and contrast models of best practice in carnival arts engagement in programme/partner countries;Enable workers and young people to develop employment opportunities within the cultural tourism sector;Gain new competences and experiences of large-scale event management; To engage young people in decision making and delivery of large-scale cultural tourism events;Provide opportunities for capacity building for workers and young people in cross sector environments ;